Shopping for clothes

I dont fancy shopping for clothes. (Yes women, some men have that). You have to go in and out of stores. That always seems to be too hot and with too much airconditioning. Always dress and undress to try all different kinds of cloths. Always having trouble with the right seizes. While we are all so different in posture and seizes we are divided in four ‘silos’ (S, M, L, XL). Which also often are different per brand.

In this world that is getting more and more personalized I don’t get what clothing companies do. Or don’t do. There should be a market between the tailor and the online clothing shop for personalized items. What I don’t get is why my body isn’t measured, it must be possible to do that automatically via pictures or a video. Or do it yourself. (or ar least that can’t be the barrier).

All clothing companies could do the work of a real tailor with all the technology we have in our possessions. We can make a 3d printed shoe¬†Why can’t we order online all the cloths from H&M, Zara in our perfect size. That will exactly match our bodies. We (the customers) are still being put in four large containers of sizes (S, M, L, XL) while we all have different bodies and seizes.

I get that it is a miracle by itself that we can buy clothes for something like 20 euro. It is a real efficient value chain. But who is the first to make a difference? And besides being first, it is probably lowering the returns for online shopping dramatically too because no more wondering which size to choose.

Win-Win-Win situation. I don’t have to go to local stores for clothes. Lower return from online shopping. Better fitting clothes.

Who can tell me why it isn’t already in place?

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