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I bump into many long articles that might be interesting during a day. On Twitter. On Zite. On Feedly. On Yammer. On LinkedIn. On Google+. and with good old email. The problem is, most of the time, you browse for something else or you just have a short timespan. So it got you trickered but you cannot coop with it right at that very moment.

The solution is here. But first a little detour. A few things count for me to judge in a few seconds if an article might be of interest;

  1. Who shared it (on which social media platform or blog)
  2. The title of the article
  3. and a few seconds of scanning the article.

That is actually weird to make a yes or no decision about a work which easily took a couple of hours to make. But at the same time. It is in this information overload age needed to be any functional online without drowning in all the data. Missing out as a solution.

Anyhow; if I have made the decision that I want to read this article later on I will send it to Pocket app. What use to be “Read it later”. It is perfect in many ways:

  • It removes all ads in the text or the surroundings. Plain text with visuals without any distractions from flashy banners or other irritating factors. (Advertisers; never choose CPM on these websites!)
  • Offline reading
  • Ready to read on any device
  • It remembers where you left of, and so you can continue reading on another device
  • Once again: It also has a channel on IFTTT.com so you can deliver articles easy to other places on the mighty internet.

And ofcourse many other options. Point is. You bump into many articles during a day if you are online. And can now read on the devices that are mainly for consuming content. A tablet or (the bigger screen) smartphones.

Works perfect for me!

2 thoughts on “Pocket: reading when you can

  1. Sander Scholten

    Mentioned pocket today at training where biggest obstacle for using Twitter was time…

    My solition:
    – browse Twitter in a spare moment.
    – save interisting content to Pocket
    – read in the evening/weekend or while travelling

    Love pocket!

  2. Edwin Res

    Thanks for testing my comment section Sander, honoured to have my first reply here!

    Yep, perfect way to postphone the reading when you have the time. And as always, you don´t have time. you make time :)


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