Eventbrite: The online admin tool for organizing your offline event

Organizing an event can be is a real hassle. Even with offline events online can be of great assistance. We used the tool Eventbrite, a booming startup, to handle all things digital for our event.

It is the place to;

* Lead your traffic to (or embed their code in your spot on the internet) with all essential information about your event.
* Arrange your payments (the take a fee offcourse, that’s their business model)
* Keep track of your conversion in every stage, from traffic on site, to ticket sold/registered to check-in and no shows.
* Communicate with your attendees via this platform.
* Check in all attendees at the event itself via their eventbrite entry app. Which you can have access to with multiple accounts to the same event.
* Extract (via excel, csv) all information via the forms into your CRM or database.

Makes life just a bit easier, organizing an event is still a hassle :-) 

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