– chart making made easy

We are visually minded. A picture says more than a thousand words. Or a chart. And because of that we have large stacks of data that we show in charts to comprehend the differences and growth.

To make a chart is actually really made simple. In a few steps you have your chart ready to publish online. If you have your data ready in an excel or CSV file you just can upload them to this online tool to create your graph.

Like they say on the website:

Datawrapper is an open source tool to enable the creation of basic, correct charts for the web. Anyone in need of a modern chart can use this tool.

Within a few steps you have your modern chart.

  1. You upload your data.
  2. Change the color scheme if you want, highlight the most important part.
  3. Tell you story within the graph
  4. Publish it into the format you want and you get your embed code to show in your content online. .

Below I made a chart of all the startups listed in Europe on as an example.

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