Using Google Analytics

I love the web and all of those free tools we get to make use of it. Somehow those companies make money by giving it away for free. Be aware of that. But as long it is marketing for their products to go pro instead of the data being sold;

“if you are not paying for it you’re not the customer but the product being sold”

Anyway. You are a product of Google. Almost all internet users are. Who isn’t using either Google Chrome or Google Android?

Still. I love using Analytics. In my work for Social Inc I get to see a lot of data from social media platforms. That are finally giving away the data of the back-end. I also connected the Google Analytics (and downloaded the app to monitor the highlights via the smartphone) that are available for free. Big issue this week by Google no longer providing the search keywords.

Still a really valueble asset to see where your traffic is coming from. What you still can see:

  • How long people stay on your website.
  • Where they come from. (visual location)
  • Where they come from. (internet domain)
  • What devices, browers they are using
  • and much more :P

All that data can be used to see what gets the best responds. And if you look to much to this data you end up like a lot of sites that are a variant of buzzfeed. No quality at all. But a lot of pictures of cats. So don’t get blind by only looking at the data.


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