WordPress features and plugins

Today the more technical issues of setting up a blog. After yesterday’s communication outline, today the – for most here obvious – widget and add-ons to have a perfect working blog.

So much extra to add to a normal blogging platform. It becomes more and more a network of features. The internet becomes more liquid, every barrier to share to the people that are relevant is taken away. (And still the main channel to share news or articles is via e-mail. There is still a long way to go!)

What I have done to my wordpress blog at this very moment is:

  1. Add plugin for SEO
  2. Add mailchimp account for email (first step; will blog about later)
  3. Add personal twitterfeed
  4. Add social share buttons
  5. Add about.me widget
  6. Add Disqus widget for comments
  7. Add Google Analytics (will have a seperate blog post about that one)

Most of the widgets are just ‘plug & play’. Still little mircacles for me that all those tools can work together. A bit bigger miracle is that I’m making applications in just minutes with Twitter and Disqus to have the widget running on this website. If the internet becomes so simple for all of us to combine en connect, it becomes just one massive strong network to share the best (and filter the worst). I love that.

First steps, much more to do!

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