Making it easy for yourself to blog

Just do a shout out you do a 100 day blog challenge. I can assure you know. That helps. Some other tips I have for you to blog. Remove all barriers. Simple.
Most people have said sometimes during their life they want to write a book. And not much people actually do it. There are a lot of reasons for this. And I guess the same can be said about blogging. People want to express. Not all, i know. But all these platforms on internet have helped to democratize the web. We all can set up a twitter account in seconds. But 140 characters is easy. Or at least, it lowered the barrier a lot. (even much more for communications via the smartphone; Whatsapp delivers 31 billions messages a day!)
Back to blogging: why not? No time, too much hassle to set up a blog. Or no skills to write for online. What ever it may be. Do it. Try it.
Some tricks that work for me to keep writing:
  1. Say out loud you are blogging. fun to share and outside force that you don’t want to disappoint.
  2. Catch every idea. Put those ideas directly online that will also sync online. I use Evernote pro for that.
  3. Work on it device indepently: no matter if you are on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Make sure you have every app (no matter if you use Tumblr (by far the most easy one to upload) or WordPress.
  4. Work on it during every moment you have; the loo, a waiting line, a elevator. Instead of consuming content. Make content during those moments!
  5. Digg deep into one subject (it is more easy to name objects in your fridge containing milk than to name objects without the help of an ingrediënt. Weird, but true).
  6. Ask for feedback or drop a statement that could lead to a discussion. Which is great input for your next blogpost.

What works for you?

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