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Good old e-mail, you know. This box on your computer that isn´t fluent. Where you have your own stack of all things to do together. That is also another great tool to grab the attention of your audience. It is in decline. But still going strong compared with other channels. I will tell you a lot about social in the coming weeks to explain more about actual click through and conversion.

If you compare the numbers. Email is still a really valueale asset. For marketeer to have an email adres is really valueable because you can be targetted and hunted in your own working space.

and yes Google dit a good job with Gmail to make the separate tabs for different kind of email. Giving you back much more control of your email. Too bad for the marketeers.

The best online tool to set up a mailinglist is Mailchimp.  Mailchimp is free, or at least if you don’t send more than 2000 mails per month. No hard lock in, you can download your data at any time. A really fun tool to work with. The monkey from mailchimp is talking to you. Gives you high fives. But more importantly; it is really easy to work with!

But to conclude; you can leave your email adres behind here. Thanks :)


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