Claim and connect your online content with Google Authorship!

Blogging is one. Getting people to read is a second.

Google is allmighty for online marketing in trying to reach you audience. But from the communications corner an slightly growing competitor is getting stronger and stronger. Your own profile and connections you have built over time. Your friends on Facebook. Your business contacts on LinkedIn. Your whatever on Twitter. Each a separate target group. But all together you have your very first online audience. And the social media platforms want you to broadcast data over it.

Google is very well aware of this human behaviour. It does is A/B testing too :). It missed out the social platforms for long, failed a few times. But it has now the best information about each person on internet. Actual behaviour (instead of just the pretending to be human). Enter Google+. So important is to have your profile connected to your Google+ account. Here is mine.

Google also wants you to connect yourself to all you assets all over the internet. So it can benefit you and give you credit for it. Enter Google Authorship. You can see here the difference: My posting of yesterday

screenshot authorship

Yeah busted. I have +1’d my own posting.┬áCompare that to this blogposting I have written before for MarketingsFacts;

Google Author

This gives two extra’s. One is a picture with a face. That is always a plus. Second is my network, or better, people that have my profile visible in their Google+ feed. For a bit of social proof. Enough about that a little later on this blog.

The steps you have to take to add Google authorship to your blog can be found here. It is easy. It is worth it!


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