Don’t buy stuff from Asus

Edit: Asus, or better, DHL brought back my Nexus7 this week. No communication between giving my nexus7 to DHL a few weeks back and this week. I only had an URL from DHL where i could check that it has arrived in Slovenia. I works perfect now, I didn’t pay a dime extra. So I am thankful now. But come on Asus, do something about your communication! 

Ok, I don’t do this a lot, but it really irritates me. My Nexus 7 failed on me. Can happen, as long as the proces to get a new one is smooth. But no dedicated shop from Asus in the Netherlands, only an DHL courier that will pick your stuff for a fee.

I bought a Google Nexus 7″ (2nd gen). I got it from Canada, where my girlfriend went for some time and took it back for me. She bought it in Vancouver. I wasn’t available in Europe at that moment and I wanted a new tablet. It got great reviews so perfect situation for me. She used it there for a few games. Gave it to me. I’m happy. Checked out some apps and all, Installed my own profile. And now the shit; there was an firmware update on top, so i’ve installed it. And from that moment on I have a useless Google Nexus 7′. My touchscreen is just not responding. To nothing. Shit happens. Every top of the bill product can fail. That doesn’t really matter if you have a good service.

But my Nexus 7 is now broken and I cannot swap mine. Mine is now damaged although I have a beautiful screen saying ‘Welcome’ and asks me for the language I want. But thats it.

  • Software reset didn’t solve it.
  • Factory reset didn’t solve it.

These are the things you can do with the hardware buttons. And when you Google for it; quite a lot of nexus 7′ have touchscreen problems. They even did a software update to resolve the issues. But that won’t help me out this one.

Things can break down, that’s why we have warranties. But for Apple it doesn’t matter where you buy your iPad. If it fails on you, you immediately get a new one in an Apple store. Even if you bought it somewhere else. For Asus although it is stated in the warranty that you have a guarantee on the product for all countries including Europe that seems not to logical. They still have a minor point somewhere else stating that local warranties can be different. Not my point. I buy a product and than you need to deliver. I don’t care for your management accounting systems that a sale and a service is not in the same location. Location doesn’t count anymore in this global world. Management accounting did win it against putting the customer central.

  • Google doesn’t help you out (Makes sense, they outsourced the production of the hardware to Asus but still they should feel ashamed by such a service).
  • I called Asus and they actually told me to send it over to their service center. But because I have bought it abroad I don’t have any rights. So I have to send my Nexus 7 to their service center. I have to pay for it. And now I am waiting already for two weeks without any evidence that somethings happens to my device other than that DHL delivered it on September 26th. No further information so far.

I have bought a tablet and done nothing wrong with it. I have nothing right now. I got a hightech device that isn’t working and have all the trouble for making up Asus’s fault. Instead of helping me out, say sorry, they let me pay extra. Last time I have bought a device from Asus if they keep this service level, if you can speak about any level at all.

Will update about any progress. If any.

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