Rapportive – personal social crm

Every time I send an email via Gmail on my laptop I’ve got extra information about the person I’m sending this email to. Really easy to see a picture, check on function, current employer / business and on which social platforms this person is. Indeed something ┬álike a personal social crm.

Only available if you have gmail, chrome and on a pc/laptop. A lot of if’s. I know. But Rapportive gives you extra information about the one you send your email to. Somehow email missed out the part were you can add a picture to be more personal. This tool is perfect to better recognize in real life (scary I know ;)) the one you already talked to online.

You can see below what happens if I add an emailadress into the ‘send to’ box. On the right side the Google adds will disappear. Instead you get a picture and more information about the one on ‘the other side of the line’.

Rap capt

Extra plus: less chance to e-mail the wrong “Peter” with all your secrets.

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