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This week I will share some online tools I am using to ‘get around town’ in the online world. First off a tool that helps me to get e-mails on the time I want them to be in my inbox.

I have several online systems to get my brain free for the things it has to focus on. Although we all try to do many things at the same time. We are not able to. And so to be fully focused we have to get those things that are on your mind out of your system.

So we e-mail ourselves with the ideas and tasks. But one big problem  (there are many) with email is that you cannot easily give it a timestamp for when it has to arrive. Or at least you cannot control the sender in doing that.

I try to work towards inbox zero. Which doesn’t mean I don’t have any mails I still have to work on. But it does say I processed all my e-mails. And sometimes you want to remember a certain email in a week or even a year later. The online tool that works for me in those cases is boomerang for gmail.

It gives you the option to email yourself which will boomerang back into your inbox on the moment you want it to be there. And another great feature is the ‘waiting for’ alert. An alert can automatically be deactivated if someone responds to your email.

Only available if you are using gmail and are either using chrome or firefox. Haven’t used the mobile version yet because my current smartphone isn’t able to. I will work on that.

(Of cource for the iOS users of gmail is this perfect app: The one that used every bit of growth hacking you can imagine. More about that in another blogpost)